Mindfulbame.network is a Voluntary Association with charitable aims. The vision is “To contribute to the reduction of mortality rates caused by COVID-19 among BAME, to introduce and establish better lifestyle choices through Mindfulness Based Approaches in nutrition, exercise and meditation leading to joyous fulfilment in everyday life.” All ages, minority races, abilities are welcome.


 "I am because you are..."  


UBUNTU: I am not alone. I am part of a collective, with other like minded people who look like me, feel like me and empathise with me. Together we will succeed by drawing on that spirit of linked heritage and a shared value system. When I succeed I give you a leg up and you do the same for me and then we both pay it forward. Life is all the richer when it is enjoyed in a participatory and inclusive manner. This is the true essence of BAME communities globally. 

It is time to ponder on the contemporary model of success depicted as the self made man or woman. the Ubuntu model of success which emphasises community is the guiding beacon of mindfulbame.network. Our aspiration is a global community based on social justice and equality.  


Elizabeth Mpyisi 

 Mobile: +442081388814 

 Office: Studio 210, 134-146 Curtain House London EC2A 3AR 

 Email: elizabeth@mindfulbame.network


Ruth King Designated Coordinator Racial Affinity Program 

 MMTCP Programme with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield 

 Certificate of Mindful Leadership enrollment 

 Co-Founder of International Directory of BAME/BIPOC Mindfulness Teachers 

Member of Mindful Workplace Community 

 Trustee of Mindfulness Initiative UK 

 Trustee of Minster Center 

 Member of Mindfulness Network for People of Colour MNPC 

 Member of the International Society of Professional Women 

 Member of Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum SMEF. 

 Graduate of the following Mindfulness courses: MBCT, MBSR, MBAR, Youth Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Health


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 Tel: +442081388814 

 Email: elizabeth@mindfulbame.network  


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